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The Alaska Universal Service Administrative Company (AUSAC) is a member-based nonprofit corporation. AUSAC is the administrator of the Alaska Universal Service Fund, which was established by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (formerly the Alaska Public Utilities Commission) on December 29, 1998. (Dockets Nos. R-97-5/R-97-6/U-98-168) AUSAC members are companies who provide intrastate telecommunications services in Alaska.



Effective January 1, 2020 AUSF Surcharge Rate 10.0%


TA40-998 LO #L2200393 November 22, 2022 Approves AUSAC 2023 Operating Budget and retains the current 10.0% AUSF Surcharge TA40 998 LO L2200393 112222.pdf


Next Scheduled AUSAC Board Meeting –:

Monthly Board Meeting Thursday, September 28, 2023 8:45 a.m.

Monthly Agenda

Prior AUSAC Board Meetings Agenda Packet:

AUSAC Board Meeting August 28, 2023



Board of Directors                                    


Lisa Phillips (IXC) –President

Steve Kramer (ILEC) – Vice President

Juliana Wayman (CLEC) – Secretary/Treasurer

David Collier (Facility-based IXC with Wholesale Tariff)

Lisa Koker – (ILEC)

Laura Kompkoff – (Other Telecom Providers)

Sarah Sandbak –– (Wireless Telecom Providers)


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